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ObscuredVPN works on multiple platforms:

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How To Set Up the VPN App On Windows
3 Simple Steps:


Sign Up with Obscured VPN

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Download and Install the App

Download and install the Windows app on your device.


Connect and Go!

Open the app on your phone. Enter login details and connect!

High-Performance VPN Features Made for Windows

P2P Protection

Securely share files with our P2P-enabled VPN servers

IP Address Masking

Change your IP address to the location you want with IP masking.

No Log Policy

No logs, ever. Be assured that your web activity is for your eyes only.

IPV6 Leak Protection

Stay safe from IPv6, WebRTC and other leaks so your web traffic is secure from breaches.

Multiple Devices

Enjoy Obscured VPN on multiple devices at the same time, or share the love with friends and family.

Dedicated Streaming Servers

No more lag and buffering with servers optimized for streaming and heavy downloads.

Why Use A VPN For Windows

Third parties such as your ISP, government, hackers, and data thieves have access to your data using surveillance tactics. Unfortunately, the Windows OS does not provide any defense against such attacks. The security features that come standard with your browser do not protect you from online threats to your personal data.  In some cases, built-in capabilities of browsers such as cookie settings make it easier for third parties to monitor what you do online.

Obscured VPN is designed to give Windows users the best experience of digital anonymity, and data security. Watch your favorite shows, download content, and use online services – all without being tracked. Obscured gives you control over your online activity, just like it should be.

Logs? What Logs?

Going online for your personal activities should remain between you and … just you really. Simply, this is the way it should be. So why is our data not free from the prying eyes of advertisers, agents and other dodgy characters? ObscuredVPN fights the good fight through our strict no-log policy.

Logging policies are simply the declaration of not keeping any data – such as browsing history – on our users. As a RAM-based server system, all the data is reset frequently which leaves no trace of the online activities of our users aka No-logging. With Obscured, there is no reason to worry about data being lost or stolen to be used by third parties. We are based in Singapore which makes us free from outside interference and data collection networks.

Stay Safe Over
Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi can be a blessing when you are in a crunch. Whether at your favorite cafe or at a public event, you need wifi to save on data costs and battery life. But this convenience can also cost you as public wifi is a hotbed of data theft activity.  So how can you be safe when you have no other options? Connect with Obscured VPN.

Obscured VPN makes the choice to use public wifi easy and secure. Feel the freedom to roam and browse in complete privacy without any fear of picking up unwanted attention from third parties.

Servers Where You Need Them

Obscured VPN has servers in all the locations that make the internet truly worldwide for you

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about Obscured VPN? Check out our FAQs below:

Windows has a built-in VPN that users can activate. It works using the PPTP which is a bit difficult to set up if you aren't already handy with custom configurations on your PC.

The Windows built-in VPN does not offer the advanced unlocking features that commercial VPN providers offer. The Windows built-in VPN is simpler in function and more complicated in terms of configuration.

A VPN for a laptop or PC helps keep sensitive data, such as banking and credit card information, securely over public networks and wifi systems. The Windows OS has faced security issues such as malware
attacks and data leaks. Even if you use your PC only for work and not for streaming or gaming, it is good to install a Windows VPN.

The best VPN for Windows PC and laptops needs to be compatible with Windows 8 and onwards and have dedicated desktop apps that do not slow down the overall performance of the device. Moreover,
user-friendliness is a must so that the user does not get bogged down by unnecessary customization, instead switching on at the push of a button.

For a free VPN on Windows, the built-in Windows VPN is the only safe free option. Even though it lacks most of the features of a premium VPN, it is better than downloading a free VPN to your PC. Services
offering a free VPN for Windows use ads and data mining as their business model. These practices are dangerous for your data security on top of providing a poor user experience.


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