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Why Use a Mobile VPN?

A mobile VPN is your guardian through every online interaction. As Obscured VPN runs quietly in the background over your internet connection, all traffic running through your phone is encrypted. This makes it impossible for your online activities to be tracked by surveillance software, adware, local agencies, or other intrusive actors.

What’s the benefit? You can safely use public wifi while traveling or being outdoors. If you buy or sell online, your sensitive information is protected. If you want to watch content from foreign regions, you can do that by connecting to different server locations.

A world of possibilities is unlocked with a mobile VPN. Go ahead and try it today!

The VPN Power Pack for Your Phone

Obscured Features Make You Digitally Secure and Connected

Lean and Mean Performance

Obscured servers have optimal bandwidth distribution technology, giving you faster speeds for streaming and gaming on your phone.

No Borders with IP Masking

Hop around the world and back home, all from your mobile device. Obscured switches your IP to the digital address of your choice.

Hear and Watch What You Want

Blocked from watching a show or MV due to your location? Switch on Obscured, connect to that country’s servers, and immerse yourself in the fandom!

Connect and Forget

Lightweight and lightning-fast, Obscured apps are built for iPhone and Android usability. Run the app in the background and use your phone in digital privacy.

Secure Every Transaction

Total encrypted traffic means online shopping, banking and payments are shielded from data theft. Make digital transactions with peace of mind.

One VPN for All Devices

Obscured runs on your phone, laptop, PC, tablet, router, and TV - at the same time! Enjoy VPN benefits built for each platform on seven devices with a single subscription

Setup Obscured VPN in a Few Taps. Ready, Set, Go!

Step 1

Get an Obscured subscription of your choice. There’s a plan for everyone!

Step 2

Download the mobile VPN app from the App Store/Play Store, and install it.

Step 3

Open the app on your phone. Enter login details and connect!

Servers Where You Need Them

Obscured VPN has optimized servers all over the world that let you
explore the internet with freedom.


Get The Best VPN for Android and iOS

  • Performs Seamlessly with Other Functions of Your Phone
  • One-click Connectivity with Super-fast Response Times
  • User-friendly App with a Clean and Intuitive Interface

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have any questions? We've got all your answers here.

A mobile VPN is an app that you install and run on your phone. The VPN works on your internet connection to conceal whatever data is sent or received by your phone, in a way that makes it unreadable to anyone trying to track you.

There are free and paid mobile VPN services available. Many paid VPN service providers, like Obscured, also offer a free version with limited capabilities.

Yes, any mobile phone connected to the internet can use a VPN. The VPN will encrypt (make unreadable) all internet traffic that goes through that phone.

There are two ways to set up a VPN on your phone. The easier way is to download and install a VPN app directly from the app/play store. You can also manually set up a VPN by going to mobile settings and filling in the configuration details yourself.

Yes, you should definitely use a VPN on your iPhone. The built-in security features provided by Apple are applicable as far as the iPhone accesses Apple’s servers. For the wider internet, you need the security of a VPN.

No, iPhones do not have a built-in VPN. They have a built-in VPN client which can be used instead of downloading the VPN app. You will still need credentials from a third party VPN service provider.

On your iPhone, go to Settings>General>VPN and see if there are any configured VPNs there.

To turn on a VPN on your iPhone, go to Settings>General>VPN and switch it on.

For both iPhone and Android, you can find the VPN option in Settings and check there if there is a VPN installed

You should leave your VPN on if you are connected to the internet. This might mean keeping a VPN on at all times. But this is the best way to stay secure online.

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