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How to Set Up Obscured VPN on Your Macbook or iMac


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Get an Obscured Subscription of your choice. There’s a plan for everyone!


Download, Install App

Download and install the iOS app on your device.


Connect and Go!

Open the app on your phone. Enter login details and connect!

Power Up with ObscuredVPN Features for Mac

Obscured Features Make You Digitally Secure and Connected

Split tunneling

Enjoy private browsing while having full access to the public network. All in a secure connection.

IP Address Masking

Never be exposed to malicious third party tracking with our iron-clas IP masking

Access Global Content

Join the global community and watch, play, browse or download content without restrictions

1200+ Servers around the world

ObscuredVPN is everywhere you want to be with a massive server network in 100+ locations.

Dedicated Streaming Servers

Say goodbye to to lags and ISP throttling with servers dedicated to faster streaming

No Log Policy

Rest assured that with ObscuredVPN you are always anonymous

Enhanced Performance with Your Mac VPN

Working on your Mac becomes that much more enjoyable with a Mac VPN like Obscured. Whether gaming, streaming or working, Obscured keeps your data secure and your web traffic running smoothly via its encrypted tunnels.

All devices running on MacOS are equipped with security features that most users think will be enough to keep their data protected at all times. But any device connected to the internet, including your macbook and iMac, is exposed to far bigger threats than are covered by an OS.

Using social media, doing online shopping, gaming and streaming all involve the transfer of data in ways that expose your private information. A VPN for Mac makes doing these activities secure and give you complete control over how you wish to be seen online.

Logs? What Logs?

obscured VPN comes with a strict No Logs policy. This means we never track or store any information about who you are, where you are, or what you do when you’re connected to our servers.

All our servers are RAM-only. Whenever we reboot a VPN node, everything on it gets permanently deleted.

Romania is our home base, and for good reason. The country has strong privacy laws and doesn’t collaborate with international intelligence-sharing alliances like the Five Eyes. That means no one can force us to share your data - locally or internationally! Legal requests continue to pour in, but we don’t have to (and can’t) comply with them.

More Fun. More Done.

ObscuredVPN is fully compatible with macbook and setting up is easy and quick. Once connected, you can select which location you want to assign for your IP and instantly unlock all the websites, shows, games, e-commerce platforms etc. that are exclusive to that region.

With enhanced capabilities like Split Tunneling, you can use your macbook over public wifi such as at airports and cafes, with no risks of exposing your sensitive information to third parties such as the ISP. File transfers are more secure and web traffic is untraceable with ObscuredVPN.

Servers Where You Need Them

Free Windows VPNs will never be able to provide fast and safe worldwide servers.

Pick a plan and set on your VPN journey!

Scalable options to choose for Network & Infrastructure Security

1 Month

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12 Months

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6 Month

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about Obscured? Check out our FAQs below:

No, Mac does not have a built-in VPN.

There are trustworthy Mac VPNs available from commercial VPN service providers such as ObscuredVPN. The specialized VPN apps for Mac devices provide data protection and security for all internet traffic being
relayed to and from devices running Mac.

 Free services are usually charging their users some other way, including by limiting bandwidth and usage duration. On a more insidious level, they collect traffic data and sell them to third parties. For the
best performing Mac VPN services subscribe to a competent VPN service provider like ObscuredVPN.

The simple answer is, no, Safari does not have a built-in VPN. The Private Relay feature of Safari does not work like a VPN and will not be able to bypass firewalls and geo blocks on online content.

A fast and secure Apple VPN such as ObscuredVPN offers VPN subscription rates based on the duration of the subscription packages. An ObscuredVPN subscription is $1.95/month for a 2-year plan, $2.95/month for
a 1-year plan and $9.95 for a 1-month plan.


Be Secure and Anonymous on Your Macbook

Be Secure and Anonymous on Your Macbook

Achieve Internet Freedom on Your Mac with ObscuredVPN

Try ObscuredVPN and feel the power of a truly free and open internet. If you still prefer your online content to come with restrictions, then avail our 30-day money back guarantee. We won’t judge.