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How to Set Up Obscured VPN for Linux

Protect every aspect of your digital life with just three simple steps.


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ObscuredVPN Features to Enhance Linux Security

Obscured Features Make You Digitally Secure and Connected

Internet Kill Switch

Keep your data safe with our automatic internet kill switch for unexpected connection drops.

Secure Downloading

Download files safely and securely. With Obscured VPN on, nobody can see a thing.

DNS Leak Protection

Use the internet without revealing your original IP address in case of a connection failure.

Access Global Content

Connect to our VPN servers to become a digital nomad and access all blocked content.

Rock Solid Encryption

OpenVPN, Wire Guard? We provide support to all the best protocols with powerful encryption.

24/7 Support

Need assistance with our VPN apps? Contact our 24/7 support team for instant troubleshooting.

Why Do You Need a VPN for Linux?

First, let's address the primary concern of new Linux users: is it really necessary to utilize a virtual private network? The answer depends on how and where you use your devices. A VPN might be quite useful or essential, depending on your specific situation and how you plan to utilize your device(s). There is no connection between the VPN service and the OS you're running. The functionality of a VPN is identical across platforms, including mobile ones. In spite of the fact that Linux distributions tend to be more secure than Windows, using a VPN service like Obscured is still recommended.

Maintain Control Of Your Traffic At All Times

You will always have full control over the processes running on your device while using Linux. This control discontinues where internet access is granted. To protect your online identity and maintain your privacy while using the internet, you should encrypt all of your traffic and send it through a reliable VPN server.

When you use Obscured VPN as your VPN provider, Linux becomes safe in environments in which you would not normally have control over, especially when browsing across different websites. The best part of all: Our servers do not keep any data behind from your online activity, a claim many VPNs make, but rarely follow through on.

Keep Your Streaming Activities Secret

Do you worry about cyberattacks constantly? Protect yourself while still enjoying your favorite TV shows and movies by using Obscured VPN.

While streaming, keep your VPN connection active to protect your data from your ISP and third-party ad buyers. We have 10Gbit servers all across the world so you won't have to worry about downtimes or buffering while streaming!

Digital Anonymity Made
for Your Linux OS

Protect every aspect of your digital life with the Obscured VPN Linux app. We offer .rpm and .deb packages for RHEL-based and Debian-based systems, such as:

  • openSUSE
  • Qubes OS
  • CentOS
  • Fedora RHEL
  • Linux Mint
  • Elementary OS
  • Ubuntu Debian

The Obscured VPN Support Team is available through both live chat and email should you want assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about Obscured? Check out our FAQs below:

When it comes to keeping your data safe online, a VPN is essential, regardless of what device you're using. Maybe the risk of getting hacked is lesser than it is for the typical Windows user. Nonetheless, there are other scenarios when a Linux VPN might come in handy:

  • A VPN encrypts your data transmissions to protect them from your ISP and other potential snoopers. They won't be able to tell which sites you're viewing or if you're streaming content, playing games, or exchanging files since all they'll see is VPN traffic.
  • Access to even basic resources like news or social networking sites can be blocked by censorship and firewalls, regardless of the operating system you use. Connecting to a VPN server and help in circumventing these restrictions and geo-blockades.

The Network Manager in many Linux distributions have VPN functionalities, however this is not the same thing. It only suggests that a VPN may be created in principle without the need for specialized software. The catch is that you'll have to:

  • Still need to take care of it manually.
  • Still settle on a VPN server provider.
  • Bear the lack of user-friendly interface and convenient functions of a paid VPN.

Most people don't have a spare VPNserver lying around, much less one that can route data through a different nation. That said, although the potential is there, a complete Linux VPN client package is still a ways off.

Ubuntu, much like every other operating system in the marketplace, comes equipped with a virtual private network functionality built right in. However, in order for it to function properly, you will still
want a connection to a VPN server.

If you are a user of Obscured VPN on Ubuntu and would want to utilize the graphical user interface (GUI) software, you may use the simple guidelines that are given above.

On the other hand, if you are using a different Linux OS that doesn’t support the GUI, we have an entire help section devoted to the process of activating a VPN on your Linux desktop.

No other major operating system offers any reliable free VPNs, and Linux is no exception. This is why:

  • Free VPNs can't afford to invest on platform security.
  • Free VPNs will have far fewer servers and regions available.
  • Free VPNs always have a risk of virus infection, data leakage, and lack of security.
  • Free VPNs typically have poorer connection speeds than their premium counterparts.
  • Free VPNs will either inundate you with ads or sell your information to the highest bidder.
  • Free VPN cover for “costs” in the form of data collection and sharing.

Servers Where You Need Them

Free Windows VPNs will never be able to provide fast and safe worldwide servers.

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