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  • Works with any platform where Mozilla Firefox is installed.

How to Set Up a VPN on Firefox?


Visit the Firefox Web Store

Obscured VPN’ on Add-ons for Mozilla and click "Add to Firefox."


Sign Up with Obscured

Log in with your Credentials


Sign in with your Credentials

Login and connect to a VPN server of your choice.

Enjoy the Full Benefits of the VPN Firefox Extension

You can do more than simply protect your anonymity on the web with the Obscured VPN proxy add-on for Firefox. It also gives you complete digital freedom. It makes no difference if the restrictions come from the government, your ISP, your institution, or your employer. The use of our VPN proxy extension for Firefox will allow you to bypass these restrictions.

An easy-to-use privacy solution

What you do when browsing the web can be tracked by websites thanks to your IP (Internet Protocol) address. This address can be traced back to you as well. You may mask your true IP address by using our VPN Firefox addon.

When you subscribe to a premium VPN service like Obscured, you can be certain that your activity will never be recorded. Our active servers would also be rendered useless by any attempt to seize them.

When your online activities are blocked by your educational institution, company, or other internet providers, they employ rather simple ways. You may avoid these and other restrictions by using a VPN proxy plugin for Firefox.

Common social media and photo-sharing platforms like Facebook and Instagram are blocked in some countries. A trusted VPN IP address, however, can bypass these blocks and gain access to blocked content, even while using a Firefox VPN.

Upgrade and Get Complete Protection

TThe Obscured VPN Firefox extension is great, but it will only take you so far!

What you get Firefox extension Obscured VPN
Anonymous browsing right-green-arrow.png symbol.png
Block online tracking right-green-arrow.png symbol.png
Hidden IP right-green-arrow.png symbol.png
Access to geo-restricted websites right-green-arrow.png symbol.png
Blocked malicious content right-green-arrow.png symbol.png
Secure Wi-Fi connections Only in the browser All around
Access Flash content securely close-red-arrow.png symbol.png
WebRTC leak protection right-green-arrow.png symbol.png
Kill Switch close-red-arrow.png symbol.png
24/7 live chat support close-red-arrow.png symbol.png
Streaming and downloading server filter close-red-arrow.png symbol.png
Multiple protocol support close-red-arrow.png symbol.png
Access to 7900+ servers in 91+ countries Access to only 8 servers in 4 countries symbol.png
Smart Rules close-red-arrow.png symbol.png
Device limit Available just for Firefox and Chrome Up to 7 devices, no matter the OS

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have any questions? We've got all your answers here.

If you want to use the internet securely when using public Wi-Fi, conducting online banking, or while traveling, simply click the " Connect" button on the Firefox extension.

Besides the manual server selection option, which gives users access to 5300+ servers in 59 different countries, NordVPN also has a 'Quick Connect' feature that immediately connects Firefox users to the fastest server.

While a free Firefox VPN addon does exist, it is typically not recommended. In comparison to paid VPNs, free ones have far fewer available servers, slower connection speeds, and less capabilities. Moreover,
they might endanger your confidentiality and safety.

There are a few methods available for determining whether or not your VPN is operational, such as conducting DNS and IP lookups. Check the functionality of your virtual private network (VPN) by reading our comprehensive how-to guide.

There are none, this is still the same product; we only changed the label so that it is more clear.


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