Frequently Asked Questions

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The best country for a VPN server where there are strong privacy laws that do not allow third party snooping, e.g. Iceland. If you want to unlock restricted content then you need to select the server from that country e.g. select a UK server to watch BBC iPlayer. For general use and for gaming, select the server of a country geographically closer to you for faster speeds.

A VPN server encrypts and decrypts data that it receives from the VPN client that you have installed on your device. The server is the intermediary through which your data passes on to the web. This is the main component of the encrypted tunnel that VPN services use to secure your traffic and give you access to restricted content.

Setting up and managing a VPN server required purchasing equipment and maintaining the firewalls and security protocols that enable its security features. It is easier to purchase a good VPN subscription from a VPN service provider such as Obscured. This saves you money investing in a private network.

Some companies offer free VPN servers with various conditions on the usage, such as bandwidth limits and number of users. Obscured offers free servers in the Netherlands, Switzerland and the UK.

A virtual private network server is normally an ordinary server that has the VPN server software set up and running on it to provide VPN services to its users. For an efficient VPN server network, the service provider needs to have VPN servers in many different countries. Obscured has a network of more than 4000 servers in 90+ countries.

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