We work hard to keep the online world free of restrictions. Our primary objective is to ensure that people using the internet have free access to information while still protecting their privacy and anonymity.


ObscuredVPN is a Virtual Private Network service that creates an encrypted connection between the internet and your device. We provide ObscuredVPN on a term subscription basis (individually referred to as a “Subscription,” and collectively referred to as “Subscriptions”). Our order form and your ObscuredVPN account (accessible at https://ObsuredVPN.com/account) will detail the length of your Subscription. The following are some of the Subscriptions we offer:

  • 1-month
  • 6-month
  • 12-month
  • 24-month
  • 36-month

In our sole discretion, we may decide at any moment to provide or withdraw Subscription terms. This Addendum and the Agreement apply to any and all Subscription conditions we provide, regardless of whether they are specifically specified here.


We make ObscuredVPN accessible on the following devices and platforms:

  • Windows/Window Phone
  • macOS
  • Android
  • iOS

At any moment, and at our sole discretion, we may choose to offer or cease offering ObscuredVPN on certain platforms. Even if a certain platform is not specifically mentioned in this Addendum, it is nonetheless subject to this Addendum and the Agreement as it relates to our provision of ObscuredVPN on that platform.


You may add as many as three (3) different users to your ObscuredVPN Subscription. It is possible to use ObscuredVPN on up to five (5) different devices with a single subscription. ObscuredVPN is only available on specific devices.
We have the right to offer or withdraw ObscuredVPN for specific devices at our sole discretion. Each user account on an OS and each web browser are considered to be individual devices for the purposes of this Addendum. For example, if you use ObscuredVPN on five (5) different browsers (even if they’re all installed on the same machine), that’s still five (5) devices.

A separate router profile can be created for each Subscription. By visiting ObscuredVPN.com/account, you may manage the devices associated with your account. You are not permitted to remove: (i) more than one (1) device each week, or (ii) any devices in the first week after the beginning of your Subscription.


Each Subscription cost must be paid in whole by you. See the ObscuredVPN pricing page at https://www.ObscuredVPN.com/ for the latest information.We reserve the right to limit access to specific services, such as unlimited access to VPN servers, accessible only upon your purchase of particular Subscriptions.


While ObscuredVPN does not impose any caps on how much data or bandwidth a single user may use, the service is nevertheless subject to fair use policies. Unfair network usage includes, but is not limited to, creating manual or automated VPN sessions in a way that would imitate a bot, placing an undue burden on the network that could disrupt other users, using significantly more bandwidth than the average user uses for a prolonged period of time.