Our Dream

Every day, our group of engineers and programmers get out of bed with one primary mission in mind: to preserve the openness of the internet.When you go online, we want you to feel safe and anonymous. This is what keeps us excited about our jobs and motivated to come in every day.

Available Devices:

  • android
  • apple
  • windows
  • chrome
  • firefox browser
  • linux

Our Mission

Our mission is to let everyone live in a world where they have complete autonomy over their online presence.
Because of this, we want to make digital security more approachable and inclusive.
Our cause hinges on a world where everyone has access to a safe, open, and unrestricted internet.


Founded in 2022 and based in Singapore, Obscured VPN aims to break new ground in the cybersecurity industry by developing products that earn your confidence. We are advocates for an open and safe internet, and we value freedom of expression.

Human rights defenders, journalists, peacekeepers, information activists, and all netizens who know the value of freedom of expression have our full backing. We are dedicated to providing you with a reliable VPN service and take pride in the job we do.

As our society becomes more dependent on digital technologies, we feel that safeguarding individual liberties in the digital realm is more important than ever. We want our consumers to have that sense of personalized autonomy and empowerment when they use our VPN.


Obscured VPN Manifesto

All traffic through our VPN servers is encrypted and no logs are kept. We have nothing to say about you to anyone who might ask us about you. It is our hope that by improving VPN industry norms generally, all internet users would benefit from a more secure online experience. We keep your online activities private because it's not right for the world to know what you're up to.

Internet privacy and safety are priorities for us. This is what drives us, and it's what keeps us coming in to work every day. Our outlook is positive, and we approach challenges with a sense that anything is possible. Our team at Obscured is dedicated to transparency, and we believe that everyone else in the technology industry ought to be as well.

Our goal is to create tools that are both simple and powerful, with the intention of allowing anyone to evade regressive censorships and geo-blockades. Explore something new, or travel back home digitally to access your favorite apps and websites. Activate Obscured VPN, surf the web, download files, play games, watch videos, and become a truly global citizen online.

When it comes to the status of our servers, planned maintenance, and any potential problems, you can be certain that we will always keep you in the loop. To our valued clients, we hope to build a trustworthy, long-term relationship based on mutual respect and appreciation. For this reason, we strive to make digital security more approachable and therefore more widespread.